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Can- and Bottle Coolers

Can- and Bottle Coolers

Can- and Bottle Coolers

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We offer Can Coolers in all shapes and sizes. The team at KOOZIES EUROPE are committed , enthusiastic and really exited to make your promotional project work. Are fully customized products will be made ​​to your complete satisfaction. We cater for all sorts of special requests, such as colours, sizes and printing. Our products are always of a extremely good quality and can be made of various materials. 

Koozies EUROPE mainly supplies retailers ( B2B ) or directly to the end-user.  The Can Coolers are made of neoprene and are designed to hold cans or bottles of beer. The neoprene material forms an insulating barrier that keeps the beverage ice-cold, even when the temperature is high. It absorbs any condensation, so you don't have to worry about cold hands, or damaging your beautiful patio furniture with water rings.Our coolers is very easy to use as you simply slide it around the can or bottle. 

The Promotional Benefits of Personalized Can Coolers One of the great features and benefits of our cancoolers is that they can be personalized with company logos, names or other images. Here are just a few ways you can use our personalized products at an event or as a promotional tool:  

1. Sales  Keep a selection of cancoolers on hand for your customers. They are attractive and affordable, so will easily tempt your customers. It is an low-price gadget, which will appeal to the vast majority of customers.

2. Brand Identification People can now identify and show their support of their favourite brand everywhere -whether it's at a party, a corporate event or on the beach. Personalized cancoolers allow your company logo to be repeatedly shown on numerous occasions.

3. A Talking Point  You could put a witty caption or picture on your can cooler, which will ensure that your business remains in people's minds and is the topic of discussion.

4. As A Souvenir  After an event, exhibition or visit your company, people will remeber your business on the basis of a cancooler remember. Because they are an item which is always useful and handy , there is a good chance that people remember your business. A long time

5. Free advertising People always love to get a freebie, and they will use your this product in their free time or at public events, whilst repeatedly promoting your company logo or image. 

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