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About us

About us

When you need a trendy product like a gift or promotional item, for example anything to keep your drinks cool, then you found the best supplier of Europe in drinkware; Koozies Europe.

Customized promotional drinkware since 2008 Koozies Europe started as wholesaler of neoprene package products summer 2008. Before starting as wholesaler, we did import neoprene products for the private market, custom made. At the moment we have a large database of local and overseas manufacturers of drinkware products which we selected because of their high quality products and great communication skills.

We visit European trade shows each year so we can keep up to date with the latest trends in cooling products. Our aim is to become one of the premium companies in Europe specialized in drinkware. We feel we can do this by offering a superior level of service to our clients. Hopefully we can help you customize your neoprene product soon! Take look at our References

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Koozies Europe LLP
207 Regent Street
United Kingdom


Company register number: OC377624.

Phone: 0031 (0)71 2400 228 


Koozies Europe
Burgemeester Koomansplein 1
2231 DA Rijnsburg (ZH)
The Netherlands


0031 (0)71 2400 228 

Company register number: 57175969

Koozies Europe LLP
IBAN: NL47 RABO 0134185420


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