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Mugs - printed with company logo/brand

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A steaming coffee or tea is more enjoyable when you drink it from a mug. Nothing beats the feeling of holding a mug with hot drink to warm your hands a bit before taking a sip of the stimulating liquid to officially start your day. A mug is an essential item in the office or in the home for that alone.

Koozies Mugs

You are not wasting money when you choose to give away mugs because of the several ways they can be utilised. Koozies has many types of mugs in stock for your promotional efforts. The mugs from Koozies are available in different shapes and are made of either ceramic or porcelain material. When it comes to customizing the mugs, you can choose to have your brand logo on the mugs’ surface for simplicity. Or, you can have Koozies spread a layout of an artwork of small graphics surrounding the brand logo on the mug.

Koozies also offers sublimation printing, so it offers the option of printing a pattern, image, or abstract on the printing area of the mugs.

Mugs as Souvenir Items

Koozies mugs are also great souvenir items for birthdays, weddings, class reunions, and any other occasions. You can sort out a set of presents and put a rolled up shirt or a stuff toy in each souvenir mug. You can do more to add a personal touch to the mugs. Why not write a fun message, an inside joke you share with your friends, or your favourite quote from a book to be printed on the mugs?

Mugs as Promotional items

If you want a cost-effective and powerful way to promote your brand, you can’t go wrong with giving away promotional mugs. A study made by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) shows that majority of the participants who received a promotional item keep it for over a year. It means repeated exposure of your brand not only to the user of the mug but also to people around him or her. The study also reveals that 55 per cent of the participants had improved their impression of the company that gave them a promotional item. Also, 66 per cent of the participants were able to recall the brand on the promotional item they had received in the past 12 months and 87 per cent of the participants were willing to do business with the company again.

Even when a person receiving your promotional mug is not planning on using it, he or she is likely to pass it along to someone who values it more. So it is almost impossible to think that your promotional mugs will be thrown away in a rubbish bin.

You can widen the reach of your promotional effort without making a dent in your marketing budget by giving away promotional mugs. The budget for promotional mugs are five times less expensive than newspaper advertising, three times less than radio advertising, and five times less than TV advertising.

Customizing Your Promotional Mugs

It’s easy to get a supply of Koozies mugs for your promotional efforts. You only need to choose a type of Koozies mug, input the number of mugs you like to receive, choose a color, and upload your logo or artwork. Koozies will do the rest.

With your approval, Koozies will print the final logo or artwork on the mugs and send the mugs your way. You will receive the promotional mugs ready for distribution. It’s that easy.

10 Item(s)

per page
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