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Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml

  • Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml blue
  • Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml yellow
  • Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml green
  • Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml black
  • Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml natural
  • Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml white

Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml

Stadium Cup 32oz/950ml

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Min. 100 pcs
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  • Blue
  • Green
  • Natural
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black
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They exhibit vivid colors, they’re durable, and most of all they’re very useful. Koozies stadium cups are an awesome choice if you don’t want your marketing budget to go to waste.

Koozies stadium cups are available in different sizes. A stadium cup 37oz/950ml in size can hold enough liquid to quench the thirst of any person. It is also made of light plastic material, so it’s not too heavy when it’s filled. Koozies will print your artwork or logo on the stadium cups for you. Koozies is an expert in creating customized promotional materials, and you can expect the best printing job from the company.



Benefits of Using Promotional Items

You can come up with a lot of reasons to like promotional items such as the Koozies stadium cup 37oz/950ml in size. First of all, promotional items have the power to get the word out about your business. And, unlike radio or tv advertising, promotional items allow you to control the distribution of your advertising.

Koozies stadium cups can also be used as incentives so prospective customers would buy your product or avail of a service. To existing customers, the cups can serve as rewards when they buy more products or upgrade their account.

Because the stadium cups are reusable, your brand will get repeated exposure. And it does not only apply to the user but also to the people who are with him or her when using the stadium cup. A study made by the British Promotional Merchandise Association reveals that participants tend to keep a promotional item for over a year. The person who has a received a stadium cup from your company will remember your brand every time he or she uses the item. 

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