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Foam Bottle Coolers

  • Foam Bottle Cooler
  • Foam Bottle Cooler
  • Foam Bottle Cooler
  • Foam Bottle Cooler
  • Foam Bottle Cooler
  • Foam Bottle Cooler

Foam Bottle Coolers

Foam Bottle Coolers

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When you are thirsty, nothing beats the feeling of cold drink flowing down inside your throat. Sadly, a bottle of drink taken out of the fridge warms up when left at room temperature. But, with a foam sleeve bottle cooler, you can keep your drink cold so each taste is as satisfying as the first sip.

Koozies Europe has many types of bottle coolers, including foam sleeve bottle coolers. The foam sleeve bottle coolers are an excellent addition to your promotional items for many reasons. People want canned drinks cold and they want to keep it that way. Koozies sleeve bottle coolers allow them to do just that.

Why You Should Use Foam Sleeve Bottle Coolers in Promoting Your Brand?

If you are giving free sleeve bottle coolers with your logo printed on them, your advertising message is seen as more trustworthy. And, if your bottle coolers have a great design, people may even line up at your events just to get one. You know many promotional products that have become collector’s items because of their design value.

The foam sleeve bottle coolers from Koozies Europe are available in different colors and prints, so they give you many design options. Koozies will even print the logo and artwork for you. All you have to do is to pick out a can cooler color or print and upload your logo to the Koozies website.

Your Logo Will Be Seen By Many People

Because Koozies foam sleeve bottle coolers are durable, they will be useful for a long time. As a result, it reinforces your advertising message on a daily basis to people who have received the promotional item. Also, your advertising message will reach other people when the receivers of the bottle coolers use them at parties, campsites, and BBQs.

If you come up with a great artwork, your custom Koozies sleeve bottle coolers could be the next Koozies collector’s item.

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