tritan sports bottlesVirtually every industry uses custom printed promotional products. Personalized drinkware are among the most preferred promotional products—and understandably so. Drinkware items are something that consumers can use again and again, so they give an excellent opportunity to companies to promote their brands.

One drinkware item that you should seriously consider for your next trade show or a business event is tritan sports bottles. Some of the main advantages of tritan sports bottles are:

Revolutionary Strength – Compared to LDPE/PP, aluminium, and stainless steel, tritan is much stronger. Known for its glass-like clarity and strength and resistant to shattering, tritan is a great alternative to glass.

No Odour – When you use titan sports bottles, you don’t have to worry about odour or metallic after-taste. Tritan is also stain resistant.

Dishwasher safe – Heat and chemical resistant, tritan sports bottles can be safely washed using a dishwasher. You can sanitize your sports bottles without worrying about leaching chemicals, shattering or melting.

Dent Resistant – Designed for superior functionality and durability, tritan sports bottles withstand rough handling without losing even a bit of its aesthetic appeal for many years.

BPA-Free – BPA, which stands for Bisphenol-A, is used in many plastic products. Koozies tritan sports bottles are produced without BPA and other harmful elements, like mercury and lead.

Custom Tritan Sports Bottles

We invite you to check out our range of tritan sports bottles, available in different colours, designs, and sizes. We give you full freedom when it comes to customizing drinkware items. All you have to do is share your logo or design with us. In addition to tritan sports bottles, we offer sports bottles in other materials also. You can also purchase aluminium, polyethylene, and plastic from us. Each of our drinkware items is made with high-quality material to ensure your customers will enjoy using them for years to come.

You can use drinkware items for:

Promoting a business event – Hand out custom printed drinkware items to consumers attending your business event to thank them for their patronage and subtly promote your business.

Trade show – Giving an attractive gift to every person visiting your stall is a great way to connect with your potential consumers.