beste kerstgeschenk 2016

Are you looking for something special, to thank your employees and business partners?

We know it's hard to find something unique, sustainable and a useful gift and also the possibility to print your company logo, slogan, a special wish or thank you on it.

We would like to introduce you our new Christmas Wine Coolers and Champagne Coolers.
Use this Wine Cooler or Champagne Cooler for all your bottles. It is a striking cooler with fancy touch. It will simplify your service and it is a chic appearance. An ice cold white wine, a delicious red wine or a sparkling Champagne, you're assured of drinking all your wines at the right temperature during Christmas and New Year.

But of course also after the holidays it's a great and useful product for diner, lunch, a picnic, at the beach, a holiday or while traveling because it's not only keeping the bottle at the right temperature but the neoprene sleeve also helps to protect your bottle, in style.

So let's create your own personal Christmas Gift 2016 right now:

1. Please choose one of the three models we selected for you:
- Bottle Cooler Jacket 
- Bottle Cooler Basic
- Bottle Cooler Deluxe
2. Choose and buy your own favorite Wine or Champagne to put into the coolers, because we know every one has a different taste or budget.
3. Sent us you company logo, a special wish or a thank you, to print on the neoprene Coolers in the PMS color you prefer.
4. Pick your color for the cooler and seam to customize it even more

Check out our complete range of Winecoolers and Champagnecoolers.