wine coolersDo you want a special gift to thank your customers, business partners, and employees but are unsure about which type of gift to choose? 

We understand finding a unique, special, and useful gift on which you can print your logo, brand message, or a thank you note is not easy. That's why we would like to invite you to check out our range of wine and champagne coolers, which are perfect for Thanksgiving.

We provide wine and champagne coolers for all type of bottles and customize them as per your need and requirement. Thanks to a large imprint space on our wine coolers, we can print any message you want, along with your logo.

Our wine coolers are available in many colors and have a chic appearance. They have a superior design and quality, so you will enjoy serving wine in them. Our neoprene wine coolers are particularly popular this festival season. Neoprene is a natural material for wine coolers as it is heat and chemical resistant. Neoprene wine coolers not only keep your wine at a perfect temperature but also effectively absorb condensation.

When you buy Koozies wine coolers, you will be assured of drinking your wines at the right temperature this Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. After the holidays, you can use wine coolers for your social dinners, picnics, or summer patio parties.

When it comes to personalizing wine coolers, we give you full freedom. You can have your logo printed alone or along with a thank you note or a heartwarming message. You can also have some nice piece of artwork printed on your wine coolers along with your logo. So let your imagination run free and tell us what you want and we will follow your instructions to the tee.

Placing an order with us is ridiculously easy. All you have to do is

  1. Browse through our product catalogue and pick a product
  2. Specify the number of pieces you want of that product
  3. Select a color or pick a color combination if you want the product in more than one color
  4. Upload your logo, message, or artwork that you want us to print on your wine coolers