PET bottle shapes

Can- or Bottleshapes

As a customer you will see there are a lot of possibilities to create the perfect cooler. A custom made cancooler, winecooler, PET bottlecooler or beer bottle cooler are great promotional products for your company, shop or to promote your brand.

Wine Bottle Coolers 
In the past we have designed coolers for many different types of bottles. You probably already know that almost each bottle is unique. If you look on our website you will find wine bottle coolers suitable for the most popular types of wine bottles, such as Burgundy wine bottles, Bordeaux wine bottles and Champagne bottles. But often clients are searching for a special wine cooler for a special bottle. As the perfect gift for an anniversary or other special occasion. Don’t hesitate to sent us the bottle, so we can create a personalized winecooler for you.

Plastic PET Bottle Coolers
Every PET Bottle is unique.
What ever soda, energy drink or sport drink your thinking off: Cola, Nestea, Aquarius, Extran – not any soda is the same. We are very familiar nowadays with creating a perfect fit cooler for each PET bottle. We are dedicated to produce customised coolers for famous brands and companies. Big brands such as Coca Cola, Nestea and Gauloises have already taken advantage of our expertise, with great results. 

Beer Bottle Coolers
Beer bottles mainly come in three sizes, 30cl, 33cl and 50 cl. Our bottle coolers suitable for beer are provided in our shop for the most common sizes. Do you need a bottle cooler in any other size or shape? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us to check the possibilities.

Can coolers
Our most sold and most popular can cooler is the 33cl collapsible cancooler, but you will also find the 25cl and 50cl slim fit can coolers in our standard product range.