paper cupsAre you planning a business event and looking for customized paper cups?

If yes, we invite you to check out our range of Paper Cups, which are available in different shapes and colours and can be customized as per your specifications.

Why Customized paper cups Are So Cool

If you are holding a business event, you’ll need paper cups for your water dispensers and coffee machines. While you can use plain paper cups, you will be missing a few tricks if you do so.

Customized paper cups, besides holding water or coffee, smartly promote your business. When you imprint your company’s logo on drinkware, each time a customer uses a cup to drink something, he or she will notice the logo.

In addition, customized paper cups are available in different colours and look so much smarter than plain white cups. What’s more, you can also have some artwork done on them to make them look prettier and impress customers.

Customized paper cups displaying your company’s logo also improve your company’s image in the eyes of your customers. When you thing about it, is there anything more ordinary than paper cups? Customers are so much impressed when a company uses customized paper cups because it shows that the company is conscious about quality and confident and proud of its achievements.

A wide range of paper cups

We offer paper cups in different sizes as well as colours. Every Koozies paper cup is made of high quality recycle paper. When it comes to customizing paper cups, we give you full freedom. We can print the paper cups with your own logo or design.

You can use Koozies customized paper cups for:

Business events - Impress your customers with personalized paper cups displaying your logo or design.

Family Reunions - We can print your family name for a family reunion.

School events – We can print your school’s name, event’s name and date on your paper cups.  

In addition to customized paper cups, you can order from us disposable cups made of different materials, like polypropylene, styrofoam, translucent plastic, and PETP. Besides paper cups, Koozies also offer you many other kinds of drinkware that you can use to promote a business event, such as can and bottle can coolers