custom stadium cupsYou want to use an upcoming sports event to promote your business but are worried about the cost. Well, in that case why don’t you use custom, printable stadium cups, ideal for all types of sport events, games, and matches?

Stadiums cups are affordable but excellent for marketing. They have a large imprint space, so your logo can be prominently displayed. As they are reusable items, consumers can continue using them long after the event is over.

The repeated use and the ability to use stadium cups anywhere ensures greater visibility to your brand. Each time your consumers will use your custom stadium cup, they will see your logo. In addition, whenever they will use the cup outside, others might notice the cup and with it your logo, especially if you have printed an attractive design on it.

Koozies Stadium Cups

Koozies offer an excellent range of stadium cups which you can use to promote your business at sport events, games, and matches. We not only offer stadium cups in different materials but also in different sizes.

Our most sold stadium cup is 480ml cups. However, you can also purchase bigger or smaller cups. We invite you to check out product catalogue and are sure you will find a cup of desired size there. In case you want stadium cups of a specific size which is not there in our product catalogue, you need not worry because we make custom stadium cups too.

Polypropylene is a popular material for stadium cups and we offer many different types of polypropylene cups. The main advantage of these cups is that polypropylene is recyclable as well as microwavable. However, we also offer stadium cups made of paper, translucent plastic, foam, PETP, and plastic.

Benefits of Custom Stadium Cups

Custom stadium cups for sport events, games, and matches offer many unique advantages, such as:

Promote your business. These cups have a large imprint space where you can have your logo or message or both printed. If you want, you can also have a small, beautiful piece of artwork drawn on the cups. At Koozies, we offer you full freedom as far as customizing stadium cups is concerned.

Great versatility. Stadium cups are not only suitable for holding beverages but also for other purposes. Students can use them as a stationary holder while housewives can use them to keep knives, spoons, and forks.

Many uses. You can use stadium cups to promote your business at sport events, games, and matches—but that’s not all. You can also use them for bridal showers and bachelor parties.