wine coolerWith Christmas just a month away, are you looking for something to give to your customers?

If yes, allow us to introduce you to Koozies Christmas wine coolers, available in a range of colors, sizes, and materials. Wine coolers are a perfect Christmas gift, as almost everybody drinks wine to celebrate Christmas and New Year. However, that’s not all. Koozies wine coolers are made from quality stuff, so that your customers will continue using them long after the holidays.

Koozies Wine Coolers

Over the years, we have designed wine coolers for bottles of different sizes. We provide excellent wine bottle coolers for all popular wine bottles, such as Bordeaux wine bottles and Burgundy wine bottles.

Our most popular product in this niche is Neoprene wine coolers—and understandably so. Neoprene is a perfect material for a wine cooler as it has outstanding physical toughness. It also has superior heat, ozone, and chemical resistance. In other words, it will keep your wine cool even when the temperature is a little on the high side. In addition, neoprene effectively absorbs condensation. Therefore, you wouldn’t have to worry about wet hands while serving wine to your guests.

Besides neoprene, Koozies provide wine coolers made of stainless steel, nylon, plastic, and acrylic. We also provide wine and champagne carriers.

Customizing Your Wine Coolers

We provide custom wine coolers. If you want to keep things simple and just want your logo on the wine coolers, we can do that. However, if you want, we can also spread a layout of an artwork around your logo to add a dash of style and flair.   

It’s easy to get a supply of Koozies wine coolers. You just need to select the kind of wine cooler you want, specify the number of wine coolers you want to receive, select a colour or a colour combination, and upload a file containing your logo or artwork. We will do the rest.

Koozies will print the final logo or artwork on the wine coolers and send them your way. You will receive the wine coolers ready for distribution. Yes, it’s that simple and easy.