wine coolersBonding with customers is most important for any business. How well you connect with your customers determines, more than anything else, how well you do as a company. Because of this reason, promotional items and business gifts are so popular. Smart companies offer them to their customers, old and new, from time to time to tell them they value their patronage.

However, it’s not just customers to whom you must give gifts. Important as they are for your business, your employees are no less critical to your success. After all, your employees are your most valued asset.

This holiday season you can show your appreciation of the hard work your employees have put in throughout the year, by giving them a beautiful gift. A gift your employees would really appreciate are definitely Koozies wine coolers. We invite you to browse through our collection of wine coolers to select the most suitable wine coolers for your employees.

What Makes Koozies Wine Coolers Special

There are many reasons why Koozies wine coolers are so popular, the most important ones:

Keeps your wines cool – Our wine cooler keeps your wines just at the right temperature and prevents condensation. You don’t have to worry about wet hands or water droplets spoiling your furniture.

Available in different materials – Our neoprene wine coolers are very popular because neoprene has outstanding physical toughness. Neoprene has better chemical, oil, heat, and ozone resistance than other materials. Koozies Europe is the only supplier specialized in neoprene products, which is licensed by Norwood Promotional Products to sell by the trademark KOOZIE ®. In addition to Neoprene, our wine and bottle coolers are also available in stainless steel, nylon, acrylic, and plastic.  

Wine coolers for all popular wines – We provide suitable wine coolers for all popular types of wine bottles, like Bordeaux wine bottles and Burgundy wine bottles. However, if you are looking for special wine cooler for a special bottle, just send us the bottle, and we will create a customized wine cooler for you.

Personalize wine coolers the way you want – We offer clients full freedom when it comes to customizing drinkware. We can print your company’s logo alone or a personalized message or photo along with your company’s logo on your drinkware. Just tell us what you want and we will arrange it for you.