coffee tumblerThere’s nothing like a cup of hot coffee on a cold, wintry morning. However, busy lifestyle and frequent travelling prevent many from enjoying their favourite hot drink when they most want it.

By giving your customers Koozies double-walled stainless steel tumblers this holiday season, you can ensure they never miss out on their favourite beverage, even when they are on the move.

However, our beautifully-designed stainless steel tumblers do more than just keep your customers’ coffee hot. They also help you promote your business in more than one way.

Here are some ways in which logoed drinkware helps your business:

Good Will Advertising – It’s a proven fact that prospective customers are more likely to choose a provider who offers a promotional product over others if the products of all providers are similar in quality and price. This is basic human nature. Every customer wants to feel his business is valued. By offering a personalized stainless steel tumbler, you can let the buyer know that you value their business

Word of Mouth Advertising – No form of advertising is more effective than word of mouth advertising. One person telling other potential customers about the value of a particular service or product is more powerful than visual or written form of advertising. An intelligently logoed promotional product can facilitate this process. For instance, your customers will carry the beautifully-designed and smartly personalized steel tumbler which you had given them wherever they go, and when someone asks them from where they have got this attractive drinkware, they are likely to tell the person all about your business, how good your products are, and how you value your trusted customers by giving them attracted gifts. In other words, your customers will advertise your business for free!

Effective communication – Repeated exposure to an advertising message makes it more effective. A stainless steel tumbler is something that your customers will use almost daily. Each time they use the drinkware, they will see your brand’s logo and the printed customized message.

As you can see, by giving your customers a customized stainless steel tumbler, you not only offer them something that will be useful to them but also smartly promote your business.

Check out our range of stainless steel tumblers, available in different sizes and colours. We can customize drinkware exactly as you want. All you need to do is share your company’s logo and any message that you want to put on your promotional item.