sports bottlesEvery gift is special, more so when you don’t expect it.

Surprise your valued customers by giving them quality drinkware. Koozies water and sports bottles are perfect for people of all age and occasions.

Made of high-quality material, Koozies water and sports bottles are something that your customers will use again and again. As they are a portable item, people can carry them with themselves everywhere.

Great Range of Water and Sports Bottles

Koozies offers a range of water and sports bottles to you. Our polyethylene sports bottles are our best selling product in this niche, but we also offer sports bottles made from other materials, like aluminium, tritan, and plastic. Nearly every type of water bottle we offer comes in different colours, so you have a greater chance of picking drinkware in your favourite colour. 

Personalize Your Gift

Apart from making your customers feel special, promotional items should also promote your business. We can help you with this.

We give you full freedom when it comes to customizing gifts. We can print your company’s logo on the water and sports bottles just as you want it. All you need to do is share your company’s logo with us. In case you want to make your gifts more personalized by printing a small personal message or customer’s photo on them, we can do that too. Just tell us how you want to customize your drinkware and we will customize it as per your specifications.

Advantages of Giving Customers Logoed Drinkware

There’s much merit in giving logoed drinkware to your customers. According to a survey, most customers who use logoed drinkware reported that they are more likely to use that company’s products or services again.

In other words, promotional items like logoed water and sports bottles can help you get more repeat business. However, that’s not all. Logoed drinkware with a witty, creative message can attract attention of other people also whenever your customers use them in public places. This in turn will give your brand greater visibility and more people will come to know about your business.