sports bottlesDid you know that more than two-thirds of consumers are more likely to give their business to a company which gives them a gift?

For many years, smart companies have successfully used promotional items. A perfect marketing tool, promotional items don’t cost a lot and help you connect better with your audience. However, effective as they are in promoting your business, not all promotional items are equal. Some work better than others. For instance, promotional items that have a large imprint space and can be used again and again by the customer are more effective.

Among promotional items, custom drinkware items are very popular for marketing purposes. They are compact, inexpensive, and reusable. They also have a large imprint space. That is why, nearly 50 percent of consumers in the US use a logoed drinkware item.

One custom drinkware item you can use to spread brand awareness is custom sports bottles. At Koozies, we provide clients with a range of sports bottles. Our best-selling product in this niche is Polyethylene Sports Bottles—and for good reasons. It offers your many advantages, like:

A large imprint space. Thanks to it, your logo or message is prominently displayed. Every time a consumer will use it, he or she will see the logo or message. This, in turn, will ensure better visibility of your brand.

Available in different colors and sizes. At Koozies we offer different types of Polyethylene sports bottles, so that you have no trouble in picking the desired size and color combination.

Quality product. We offer customers only the best products and customize them as per your requirements. Your customer will feel great to get a drinkware item which they will love to use again and again. They might also show off their gift to others and tell them from where they’ve got the gift and do word-of-mouth advertising for your business.

Rugged and safe. Polyethylene sports bottles are rugged and strong, unlike glass containers. These bottles don’t shatter into pieces when you drop them. Thanks to their inherent resilience, polyethylene sports bottles are not likely to leak or burst.

In addition to polyethylene sports bottles, we also offer sports bottles made of other materials, like aluminum, tritan, and plastic. We also provide many other drinkware items, including mugs, stainless steel flasks, beer can coolers, wine coolers, and champagne carriers.