drinkwareMany consumers who receive logoed drinkware state they would be more inclined to use a product or service of that company in future. Smart companies know this fact regarding consumer behavior, and more importantly, they use it to their advantage—and so should you.

Handing out promotional drinkware to your potential consumers helps you in more ways than one.

4 advantages of using promotional drinkware

You give your consumers a reason to choose you over competition – When you give a promotional item to your consumers, you basically tell them you value their patronage. Consumers like to feel special and that’s why are more likely to choose you over others if other things, like product quality, after-sales service, price, etc., are similar.

You give consumers something they will actually use – Giving consumers any promotional item and giving them an item which they will find very useful are two different things. Logoed water bottles, flasks, tumblers, can coolers, wine and champagne coolers and carriers, and coffee mugs are something that almost every person regularly uses.

You can connect with your consumers effectively – For an advertising message to be effective, repeated viewership is a must. Because drinkware items are something that a person uses daily, often many times, and because each time a consumer will use your logoed drinkware he or she will see your logo and message, you will be able to establish a deeper connection with your consumer.

You enjoy word of mouth advertising – If your customers are satisfied with your products or services and are happy with their gift, they are likely to show off their logoed drinkware item to others and say good things about your business.

How Koozies Can Help You

Koozies specializes in supplying customized drinkware items. We provide different types of drinkware items, including mugs, paper cups, can and bottle coolers, wine coolers and champagne carriers, sports bottles, stainless steel flasks and much more.

We customize all our products according to our customer wishes. We understand that personalized and customized products are the best way to promote your company, brand and products. That’s why we give our customers full freedom when it comes to customizing drinkware items.