summer itemsPeople drink different beverages in different seasons. That’s why if you are holding a business event in summer, you should use summer items for promotional purposes, like can and bottle coolers, summer wine coolers, and water and sports bottles.

The effectiveness of promotional items to improve your brand image and business cannot be stated enough. According to a survey, more than 50 percent of consumers who received a promotional item started to think of that company more favorably after receiving the gift. The same survey revealed that more than 60 percent of consumers were able to correctly recall the name of the brand on promotional items they had received in last one year. What’s more, nearly 87 percent of consumers showed willingness to do business with the company in future.

Why Choose Summer Drinkware Items?

Summer drinkware items are perfect for promoting your business as they are something that consumers use again and again, often all round the year. At Koozies, you will find a range of summer items, such as can and bottle coolers, summer wine coolers, and water bottles. Each of our products comes with a large imprint space, so that you can display your logo or brand message clearly.

Koozies Offer You Many Options

Our top-selling summer items for promotional purposes include, among others, the following:

Can and bottle coolers – Nothing beats thirst better than a cold, refreshing drink. Sadly, a can or bottle of drink loses its coldness fairly quickly when taken out of the fridge. Our can and bottle coolers will keep your beverages ice-cold for longer. We offer can and bottle coolers in many different materials, color, sizes, and styles. Some can coolers are collapsible, while some aren’t. You can purchase both sleeve bottle coolers as well as bottle coolers with a zipper.

Summer wine coolersKoozies provide wine coolers for many different types of summer wine. Our wine coolers will keep your summer wine ice-chilled and also prevent wet hands because of condensation.

Water and sports bottles – We have a collection of high-quality water and sports bottles, available in a range of materials, sizes, color, and shapes.

Great Customization

You can have your summer item customized any way you want. We can print only your logo or design a smart piece of artwork around it. If you wish, we can also print your brand message with your logo.