spring itemsDid you know that companies that hand out gifts to consumers are more likely to get repeat business from them?

Yes, that’s right. In a recent survey, more than 85 percent of consumers who received a promotional item said they were willing to do business with that company again.

While there’s no doubt that promotional items can boost your brand image as well as sales, to get the best results you must pick the right promotional item. Experts agree that promotional gifts are most effective when they have these five qualities:

Have value for most consumers

It’s best to go for universal consumer items, that is, products which most people will find useful.

Can be used again and again

Use-and-throw products will never make for a good promotional strategy, simply because they don’t promote effective communication. Effective communication, in advertising lingo, is achieved through repeated exposure to the logo or message. If you hand out a use-and-throw product, your consumers will not have the time to register your brand in their mind because they will use your gift only once. On the other, if you give a reusable item, each time a user will use the product, he or she will see your logo or message, and this repeated exposure would ensure your brand’s name is strongly registered in their mind.

Have a large imprint space

Among reusable promotional items, the one with a large imprint space works better than others—and understandably so. Your logo or message is prominently displayed on these products, so much so that whenever a consumer uses your gift in public, others around him or her might also notice your logo. You can effectively catch the attention of onlookers by printing some cool artwork or a witty remark on your promotional items.

Must be customized as per your need and requirement

This is very important; otherwise even with a good gift, you might not be able to get the desired leverage.

Should be quality products

Last but not the least, you must lay strong emphasis on product quality. If the budget is limited, go in for affordable, but excellently-made, everyday items. If you pick a below-par item, all the good effort you have put in to promote your business will come to nothing, or worse, your brand image might take a hit.

In addition to the aforementioned tips, you might also want to offer your consumers season-specific items. For instance, if you are holding a promotional event in spring, opt for spring items. Top promotional spring items are:

  1. Wine coolers
  2. Can and bottle coolers
  3. Coffee mugs
  4. Water and Sport bottles
  5. Stadium cups

You will find each of these products in great variety at Koozies.

Advantages of using Koozies Spring Items

In addition to a wide product range, Koozies offer quality products. Not only this, we also customize your promotional items exactly as you want them. We can print your logo along with some eye-catching artwork around it. If you wish, we can also print a message along with your logo. Each of our products has a large imprint space so that your logo or message will be clearly displayed.

The other advantage is that our order process is ridiculously simple. Just select the product, tell us how many pieces of that product you need and in which color, and upload your logo or message. Our experts will take care of the rest. We always ship out orders as promised, so you wouldn’t have to worry about your order reaching late.

So what are you waiting for? Promote your business in style this spring with help of Koozies spring items.