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KOOZIE ® is a registered trademark of Norwood Promotional Products Europe and is used under license

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The original 'KOOZIES'

original koozie

The name Koozies or Koozie is still unfamiliar in many European countries. In the United States or Australia the term Stubby Holder is also used for neoprene holders for bottles and cans. In the United States it is easy to find "Koozies" , even buy them in the supermarket.

Where the term koozie has been launched nobody knows. Probably it comes from the word 'Cosy' which means warm and comfortable. The word 'cosy' looks suspiciously like 'koozie' and is perhaps more used when referring to warm drinks in a cold environment.

Wikipedia even has a page of "beer koozies". It is very interesting, so if your interested in more information about beer koozies, then check out the Wikipedia page.

We do know that in Europe ‘Koozie‘ is a registered and protected trademark and that it should not be used without any permission.
As European supplier of all products related to the brand Koozie we are ofcourse licensee of the brand KOOZIE. We sell all kinds of products under the brand name KOOZIE and also have  the name 'Koozies' in our company name.

The musician Jacob Powell wrote a song about the Koozies, the name of the song is: "Put it in a KOOZIE".