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Wine Coolers and Carriers

Wine Coolers and Carriers

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Our wine coolers and champagne coolers can adapt to any kind of champagne or wine bottle. When a bottle is of a particular shape, we make the cooler on the basis of the exact shape of the bottle. The wine and champagne coolers are made ​from a stretchy material and are, therefore, extremely easy to fit around any size of bottle. Koozies Europe coolers are the perfect choice to keep your wine or champagne at the right temperature and are a great way to draw attention to your company name, brand or image.

A Wine or Champagne Cooler for Every Budget

We have several different kinds of wine or champagne coolers. The deluxe version is usually designed with an elegant leather strap with snap around the neck of the cooler. The deluxe version can also be made of multiple materials, such as neoprene . The basic wine or champagne cooler is made of neoprene and is also equipped with a zipper. The customizable cooler can be entirely implemented in either a block colour or a print; the measurements can also be adjusted to suit.

In the Park or on the Beach

A picnic in the park or on the beach is always improved by a fine wine. Keep your wine at the right temperature by using Koozies Europe, the fully-customizable wine and champagne cooler. The cover also protects the wine from any knocks, so there is much less chance of the bottle breaking. Whether it's on the beach or at the park, a well-dressed wine and champagne cooler is undeniably cool and hip. All your friends are bound to be impressed by the witty and original way you stylishly serve perfectly chilled wine.


The traditional steel wine cooler undoubtedly has its drawbacks . The bottles are often wet and difficult to hold, and the dripping bottle can create unwelcome droplets on the table or on your clothes. In addition, the wet bottle can easily slip from the hands, with all kinds of embarrassing consequences. So, why not use a neoprene wine or champagne cooler, with your name or the logo of your restaurant emblazoned on it? Your guests will be impressed by your wine or champagne cooler on the table. Your originality will be appreciated by your customers and will generate positive reactions.

25 Item(s)

per page
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